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Jackson Roofing is partnering with POLYGLASS® and is proud to present Turbo-Set™ which is an advanced liquid-applied roofing system.

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Coat Roofs Faster with Turbo-Set™!

Developed by POLYGLASS® U.S.A, Inc., Turbo-Set™ is a breakthrough technology that allows roofing contractors to accelerate roof coating installation time while reducing labour cost.


Turbo-Set™ is a two-component, water-based liquid membrane system that uses Blue-Cure Technology to speed-up drying and cure time. Its features are as follows:

Coat Roofs Faster with Turbo-Set™!

  • 20 minutes’ rain resistance

  • Spray applied in a single coat

  • Uses state-of-the-art proprietary equipment

  • Apply over a variety of substrates

  • Excellent ponding water resistance

  • Warrantied systems available

Watch this video to learn more about Turbo-Set™ application.

The inherent weaknesses of acrylic roof systems are:

The inherent weaknesses

  • Multiple coats required

  • Slow cure time

  • Risk of rain washing it off

  • Ponding water can infiltrate

  • Risk of hail damage

These problems are now effectively manageable through the latest innovation from POLYGLASS®, Turbo-Set™.

Turbo-Set™’s advanced technology provides numerous advantages to the building:

Turbo-Set™’s advanced technology

  • Ultra-high reflectivity which may reduce energy consumption costs

  • Brilliant white, long-lasting appearance

  • Protects the roof substrate from UV damage, extending useable life of the roof

  • Non-hazardous – water-based and VOC-compliant

  • Restores existing roof, eliminates tear-off, environmentally friendly

  • Faster completion of coating application – less impact on your business

  • Full-system manufacturer warranties available

testing lab

In keeping with POLYGLASS®’ commitment to R&D excellence, our team has developed a ground-breaking new roof coating technology to advance the roofing industry. Turbo-Set™’s unconventional technology shatters the mould of how traditional roof coatings are applied, and is backed by years of advanced materials research, formulation, and systems design, as well as extensive application equipment testing. This is truly only the beginning, as POLYGLASS® will continue to lead the roofing industry in the development and innovation of progressive technologies.

One-pass Application

Traditional acrylic roof coatings must be applied in a series of coating layers — with a minimum of one-day drying time for each coat — in order to build the necessary millage. This means man-hours, trips to the job site, and potential for lost days due to weather, as well as opportunities for inefficiencies, potential cost leaks, and other delays.


A key performance attribute of the Turbo-Set™ system is its capability to be applied at up to 80 wet mils of coating — in one pass with all 10-year warrantied systems, 15-year warrantied systems, and 20-year warrantied systems.

Jemez Valley Public School — New Mexico

Project Overview:

Roofing contractor J3 Systems had installed POLYGLASS®’ ground-breaking Turbo-Set™ liquid membrane system on the Jemez Valley Public School roof, providing the building with a durable and rain-resistant roof system. This system was selected due to its speed of application and long-term performance. During application over the existing granulated cap sheet, a golf-ball-sized hailstorm passed through, halting the project. After a study of the roof, results showed that no coating was lost. Due to Turbo-Set™’s ability to manage weather and extend the roofing season, the job was restarted and completed in winter.

POLYGLASS® Roof System:

POLYGLASS® Roof System:

  • Turbo-Set™

  • PolyBrite 745 water-based primer/adhesive



  • Spray-applied in a single coat

  • Use over a variety of substrates

  • 5-year labour and material warranty


J3 Systems, New Mexico

Roofing Consultant:

Jim D. Koontz & Associates Inc. Roof Engineers

Square Footage:



Wood deck with hot mop 4-ply

(granulated cap sheet)

Project Date:

Phase I: July 9, 2018, through September 6, 2018

Phase II: October 12, 2018, through December 21, 2018

Fast Dry: Turbo-Set™’s fast-drying technology gives the contractor some flexibility if imminent inclement weather is in the forecast.


The Advantages of Turbo-Set

One-component Primers: Silicone applications often specify a two-component primer with required mixing, limited pot life, critical mixing ratios, and specific recoat windows of time. Every Turbo-Set™ primer is a one-part, easy-to-apply primer.

High-build Technology: Turbo-Set™’s high-build characteristic allows the contractor to spray up to 80 wet mils in one pass.

Easier to Spray than Silicone:

Easier to Spray than Silicone:

  • Silicone requires a complex skill set to apply

  • Over-spray of silicone can be costly in terms of liability to the contractor

  • Spraying silicone requires expensive, hazardous chemicals for cleanup

One-pass System Can Lower Overall Labour Cost: Turbo-Set™ can be installed in just one coat. In terms of gallons applied per hour, the application rate of Turbo-Set™ is virtually identical to standard acrylic and silicone spray rates. Because of this, coupled with Turbo-Set™’s one-pass system, the project labour rate can be sharply reduced.

No-charge Labour and Material Warranty: POLYGLASS® offers a no-charge labour and material warranty to all POLYGLASS® Registered Contractors.

Easy Cleanup: Using water to clean up is a significant advantage in terms of ease of product handling and water disposal.

Two-gun Capability: The POLYGLASS® TS-1000G or TS-1000E spray rig with two guns nearly doubles the speed of a single-gun application rate.

Premium Accessory Products: POLYGLASS® offers a premium line of substrate-specific primers and elastomeric compounds, enabling the professional contractor to install a complete roofing system.

Ability to Manage Crew Size: One significant Turbo-Set™ advantage is the ability to downsize the crew from four roofers to three.

Reduce Liability: Turbo-Set™’s ability to be applied in one pass reduces the number of trips to a project, as well as the amount of time on the roof. Depending on local conditions, distance to the job site, etc., this could deliver significant savings while reducing liability/exposure to the contracting company.

Do More: Turbo-Set™ enables each applicator to install more coating systems per year, due to its speed of application, lack of adverse weather sensitivity, and one-coat application advantage.

NAI Black Realty—Washington

Project Overview:

The built-up roof on the NAI Black Realty retail building in Spokane, Washington, was in need of restoration. Over 20 years old, the roof was previously coated with an aluminum reflective coating, which had become worn and developed cracks.


Roofing contractor Jimmy’s Roofing selected POLYGLASS®’ Turbo-Set™ advanced roof coating system to renew and extend the roof life for an additional 15 years. The cutting-edge Turbo-Set™ product works with an advanced Blue-Cure Technology that speeds up drying and cure time. This allowed for a faster and easier install. The 1,900-square-foot roof was installed in 2.5 days, compared to the 4.5 days generally required to install a typical acrylic roof system.


“I’m very impressed with the time it took to finish the roof. As building owners, we appreciated being able to continue operations while the roof work was in progress.”


—Heidi Irvine, Property Manager

POLYGLASS® Roof System:

POLYGLASS® Roof System:

  • Turbo-Set™

  • PolyBrite 73 elastomeric flashing compound with StretchSpan technology

  • PolyBrite 745 water-based primer/adhesive



  • Spray-applied in a single coat

  • Used over a variety of substrates

  • 15-year labour and material warranty


Jimmy’s Roofing

Square Footage:



Hot asphalt built-up roofing system, coated with aluminum mineral surfaced cap sheet flashings

Project Date:

September 2–4, 2018


Dry Time






Labour Cost

Components and Performance Characteristics

Turbo-Set™ Configurations:

Turbo-Set™ Configurations:

  • Part A coating: 55-gallon drum (55-gallon contents)

  • Part B accelerator: 5-gallon pail (5-gallon contents)



  • White

  • Tan

  • Grey

Turbo-Set™ Primers:

Turbo-Set™ Primers:

  • PolyBrite 745 water-based primer/adhesive

  • PolyBrite 78 rinseable EPDM primer

  • PolyBrite 79 TPO/PVC primer

  • PolyBrite 84 rust-inhibitive primer


Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D6083-18 Type II standard specification for liquid applied acrylic coating used in roofing.

Approved Substrates:

Approved Substrates:

  • Modified bitumen

  • Concrete

  • BUR

  • Single-ply

  • Metal

  • Previous acrylic-coated SPF

Wet Adhesion:

Wet Adhesion:

  • Granulated SBS with PolyBrite 745 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • Granulated APP with PolyBrite 745 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • BUR with PolyBrite 745 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • Concrete with PolyBrite 745 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • EPDM with PolyBrite 78 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • PVC with PolyBrite 79 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • TPO with PolyBrite 79 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

  • Metal with PolyBrite 84 Primer D903 Pass 2.0 psi min

Solar Performance ASTM Test Result
  • Initial Solar Reflectance
  • Initial Thermal Emittance
  • Initial Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI)   
  • Accelerated Solar Reflectance D7897
  • Accelerated Thermal Emittance D7897
  • Accelerated Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI) D7897



  • Solids Weight (%) D1644 67 +/-2

  • Solids Volume (%) D2697 55 +/-2

Spray Equipment:

Spray Equipment:

  • Application of this product can ONLY be applied with the use of the Turbo-Set™ equipment and its various accessories, including gun, hose, and tips. It CANNOT be applied with conventional airless spray equipment.